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#1 2020-11-03 04:33:13

fiche Eleveur
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So sad to see it go.

What is going on in the new year when the flash no longer works? Will this site go the way of Dodo? Does anybody keep on it's maintenance? Doesn't appear to be so, the advent calendar is 7 years old. Does any one speak with the creators of this website/game? I genuinely feel like who ever took this over didn't really want it.

Debating if this is even worth playing anymore if it wont be around in 2 months.
Is it even worth putting anything on here since no one seems to really post anything on herein the last...what...2 , 3 years?
I'm just wondering what's going on with this site in the new year, asking questions. Doesn't hurt to ask.

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#2 2020-11-04 13:15:48

fiche Eleveur
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Re: So sad to see it go.

since the site is already dead, this New Year will only be the last shovel of mud on the coffin

Ouverture d'un forum d'histoires de ma composition. Si vous êtes intéressés passez donc lire ^^
vous cherchez des mâles de certaines couleurs ? venez donc ici
merci de lire les tutos ils ne sont pas là pour rien

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#3 2020-11-10 10:59:39

fiche Eleveur
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Re: So sad to see it go.

Leider ist es schon einige Jahre tot, die spiele Macher haben das Spiel einfach sich selbst überlassen, was sehr schade ist.

Aber am 01.01.2021 wird keiner mehr ins das Spiel kommen, da man den Flash da zu brauch.

Also genießt es so lange wie es geht Catitiz_PDT_12
Macht euch noch Bilder von euren geliebten Pony's.

Dreams of Ponys

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#4 2020-11-20 14:50:15

fiche Eleveur
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Re: So sad to see it go.

gothikadoll a écrit:

since the site is already dead, this New Year will only be the last shovel of mud on the coffin

that made me cry lol im so sad ive been playing for 10+ years and spent so much time and money on this game and now its gone! however there is an internet browser called Basilisk https://www.basilisk-browser.org/ where flash is already installed as a plug in so it will hopefully continue to work after December 2020. Fingers crossed

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#5 2020-11-22 22:51:53

fiche Eleveur
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Re: So sad to see it go.


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Au revoir/Bye Catitiz_PDT_43

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