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Let's Write A Pony Story!

Okay, so I just came up with this crazy-weird idea, and I hopefully hope (Lol!) it will work. *Just trynna revive the Forum here!*

So here are the rules. Drumroll please: *drumroll*

* You can write from 4 to 25 words per comment. No more. No less.

* The story is about a pony. No changing the topic. You can insert anything in this story as long as it's real. Except for the pony and characters. It's practically like a cartoon character in real life. Something like The Amazing World of Gumball, only cooler, 'cause, it's a pony! X3

* Timing is everything! No post after another from the same player, (if you know what I mean), only one comment per user untill someone else has posted. Like a "No Duplicates" policy.

* No bad luck. Imagine that this pony is yours (or in some weird way, YOU) you don't want something bad to happen?! Or do you?! Ya little naughty... ;D But, of course something bad has to happen! Just, no killing the pony. Please, we- don't want to clean up the body later...

* Have fun! You can include practically anything that is somehow in a realistic (which reminds me, my grandpa told me that anything is possibe!) way. It's our story, and we own it, we like what we write and we don't care about critiques! *Aww man, Imma quote this...* Anyhow, this story is only for entretaining the people who read it and write it.

   Okay. I'll start.

"Once upon a time... There was a pony named Alexander. He was very little until one day, he grew up..."

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"We live our lives how we want to! It's our story, and we own it! We like what we write and we don't care about critiques! Let us live freely!" - Alexa (Me) ^-^

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fiche Eleveur
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Re: Let's Write A Pony Story!

"He was so excited to become an adult, because everypony made fun of him thinking that such little pony couldn't have such a big name..."

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