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Kinda wondering if the Beauty Pageants are staged

I have entered plenty of pageants..but lots of the winners should NOT have won..if I go to vote..I get double choices if not triple of the same entries before I get to new entries to vote on..I think its staged or fixed and I dont think its fair..so whatever is used to determine this crap is bull!! This will be my last entry for a while..seems to fixed for one reason or another..NOT A FAIR COMPETITION ... why do I have to vote for the same ponies 2, 3, 4, 5 times in a row before I see new ones?? I could say more but I figure it dont matter anyway

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fiche Eleveur
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Re: Kinda wondering if the Beauty Pageants are staged

It depends on how many ponys are still in the competition at that stage. For example the contest that ended had 44 ponys in the last round if i saw correctly. This limits the possible competents and increeses the chance of showing the same pony over and over again. Plus as i expirienced it show ponys more offten which has low amount of votes and the ones that has the most votes less times.

But this is only my opinion on the Beauty contest Catitiz_PDT_14

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