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fiche Eleveur
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Great computer games

Just thought I'd use this forum to mention that Kickstarter has some great computer games you can get at a good price.  By pledging to buy a game you help fund its creation.  Two games I think look really great are Legends of Eisenwald at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/168 … -eisenwald and Grim Dawn at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cra … /grim-dawn
Go check them out or just look around kickstarter!

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#2 2012-06-30 02:25:17

fiche Eleveur
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Re: Great computer games

That looks kind of cool, but from the snippet I saw (just skipped through bits) of Legend of Eisenwald, it looks to me like an mmo grinder. My top list for best games include Cave story, Ikachan, World of Goo*, Aquaria*, Skinny, Night Sky, Coma, Diamond Hollow 2* (but I'm not so great at that), N?na, Ha?e Fa?ith, 100th, Grey, Crayon Physics Deluxe* and the likes.

* Have not actually finished these games but have played enough to know that they are AWESOME! I got so close to finishing World of Goo... *sniff*

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#3 2012-06-30 03:23:37

fiche Eleveur
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Re: Great computer games

Catitiz_PDT_18  Thanks! Heh heh, bunny suit.

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