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FAQ - Adding Friends

Adding Friends - Illustrated Guide with Screenshots

Click on the small icon with 2 smiling peoples on it in the bottom of the page:

Click on the green '+' sign to add new friends:

Type in the name of your friend in the upper box, and a small message to the second one if you want:

Create Groups

Click on the little file icon next to the 'Add a friend' button.

Type in the name of the group and choose a folder color:

To move a friend to a selected group, drag and drop your friend's icon on the group folder:

If you see a white arrow next to moved friend, you can release the left mouse button:

Your friends will be available in the new group folder:

With grouping your friends it will be easy to manage them, you can browse between them in the 'General' folder and the different colors will help you:

To hide your 'Friends' bar, click on the small arrow which points down:

Actions with your friends

Hover the mouse over your friend and 2 icons will appear.
One is for 'Send a private message':

An another one for 'See the herd':

The Green Star above your friend's name means she is online. (I suppose you'll be able to chat with your online friends, but as I tested it, this function is not working atm.)
The Red Star above your friend's name means she is offline.

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